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Объявление № 49984155806 : Teaching positions

Teaching positions

Teaching positions open now in Tianjin! 

 Have ever wanted to teach English abroad and experience a new culture? We are now hiring new applicants who are serious about becoming English teachers and would like to experience China as a whole.

Tianjin is the 4th largest city in China, 30 minutes from Beijing by high speed rail. It has all the international services and goods that a huge city offers while having the plus of being cheaper than it’s close partner city, Beijing.


We have many positions available from Kindergartens, public schools, training centers and even online schools, all with their own benefits. We have a number of packages for teacher to choose from and make sure they are satisfied before arriving. Along with this, we make sure that everyone is on the working visa before arriving.

Non-native positions

● Airport pick-up upon arrival  ● Z work visa before arriving in China ( foreign expert permit)  ● 7,000-12000 RMB salary + Fully furnished apartment  ● Accidental health insurance  ● Free hotel for the first 1-2 nights  ● Regular work schedule (2 days off)  ● Teaching materials  ● Teacher training  ● Full assistance with an apartment, suited for your needs

Requirements: ●A Master degree in English ( if not in English+ TEFL) ●Passport validity for at least 18 more months  ●Ability to live abroad for at least one year  ●Willingness to work on teacher’s teaching skills  ●Positive attitude towards students and Chinese teachers  ●Good communication skills

wechat: 15822258727


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•  E-mail:Написать автору
•  Телефон:+8615522514921
•  Город:Тянджинь
•  Дата размещения:10/07/2018 14:16
•  Цена:2000-3000 Долларов
•  Тип объявления:Предложение
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