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Объявление № 50153465649 : Нужен кредит чтобы купить дом или начать бизнес ?

Нужен кредит чтобы купить дом или начать бизнес ?

Have you been refused a loan? Do not worry, in most cases there will still be many solutions available to you. If you would like to talk to someone and see what options are available. We provide our potential customers with long-term financial solutions that help their companies prosper and grow, "and also help them invest and clean up existing debts.You refused credit in the past or you are struggling to service the existing debt.We will provide you with a cash loan without collateral or surety will be done within 30 minutes, and the transfer will be made on the same day to our client either through western union, or through a bank account or bank card, and the interest rate is all . About 2% per year through contact with Yuri or whatsapp Now: 61457605027

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•  Имя:360 ФИНАНСЫ
•  Телефон:+61457605027
•  Город:Брест
•  Дата размещения:14/09/2018 18:13
•  Цена:10000000 Рублей
•  Тип объявления:Предложение
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